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I got unbelievable deal on a belt drive opener with Woodbridge VA Garage Door Repair. The came out the next day and installed two new belt drive openers, they saved me over $120 from market price. Thanks Milton and Ose…

Sudhir, Vienna VA

My garage door was installed the wrong way, it was a total mess and everything was falling apart. I called Ose at 11p.m and he sent his technician out the very next day and they took the door down & re-installed everything. My door works great now…

Eric, NW Washington DC

Thanks to Garage Door Repair Woodbridge VA company, i got my door replaced in no time. They’re affordable and was able to beat SEARS price for garage door installation. I’m happy they were able to come out in the cold when it was snowing to replace my garage door.

Tseehay, Gainesville VA

Fast Service. I called Garage Door Repair Woodbridge VA company and they’re showed up within 3 hours. I thought i would have to wait for a day or two. The technicians are great too, very friendly guys. Love working with them.

Apollo, Gainesville VA

Woodbridge Garage Door Repair

Woodbridge Garage Door Repair If you live in an old house, chances are, your garage door has fallen into disrepair. Call (571) 257-4749 to talk to a Woodbridge garage door expert who can help restore your old system. A perfectly functioning garage door will increase your property’s curb appeal while improving overall security. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us now.    

There are different reasons why your garage door might be opening and closing by itself. In any case, you should contact a Woodbridge garage door repair technician immediately to prevent further problems. A defective garage door that opens by itself puts your property and safety at risk, especially when you are not at home. Garage door repair experts recognize this as a rare problem and it is often attributed to faulty installation. It could also be caused by issues with the circuit board, which needs to be professionally inspected and repaired by a certified garage door technician.
A short in the circuit board could be causing the garage door to open and close by itself. Other factors to consider include a short in the wired keypad, wall button, the wiring of the wall button, and other electronic problems. At times, a garage door may open or close by itself because the remote is sending random signals. This is a sign that you have a defective remote or you need to change the batteries because they are close to being completely drained. A professional garage door technician from GarageDoorRepairWoodbridgeVA.Org can troubleshoot these issues.
There are garage doors that may open and close by themselves because of triggers from a nearby radio station, police radios, CB radio, and radio towers. To prevent any potential security risks, the best thing to do is to change the frequency or code of the door opener with the help of a Woodbridge garage door repair technician from GarageDoorRepairWoodbridgeVA.Org. Call (571) 257-4749 or leave your contact details in this website, so we can get back to you with a free estimate.
Woodbridge Garage Door Repair
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